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ASA/DIS Seminar in Badenweiler

ASA organizes each year a very practical seminar on international arbitration.

The chosen places are always breathtaking. Last year was in Lago di Como and this year is Baden- Baden. Besides the admirable landscape it´s possible to hear honest interventions of notorious arbitrators that tell us how they conduct the proceedings and share their thoughts on very decisive tactical aspects in a surprisingly interactive mode. The concept of the seminar was created by Michael Schneider, a famous German arbitrator and a true gentleman that has been living in Switzerland for some decades. This year I am looking forward to hear arbitrators such as the German: Klaus Peter Berger; Klaus Sach; Dorothee Rutsckler and the Canadian Janet Walker. Let´s see if this edition can supersede last year`s edition. This year the seminar is co-organize by DIS (German Institution for Arbitration) that once more confirms its international ambitions.

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